Armed with an unflinching reverence for post-punk's past and an unapologetic eye towards its future, Hearts Fail engulfs its listeners in a firestorm of dark, textured music and evocative, heartfelt lyrics.  Upon first listen, the ghosts of Joy Division, The Chameleons, The Sound, and Depeche Mode dance in the smoke-filled haze.  Continue listening, and these influences burn and give way to more contemporary cornerstones in dark alternative music - Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, and Silversun Pickups.  The flames spread into a roaring inferno, and you find yourself right where Hearts Fail wants you to be.  
Formed in 2003, the band's original lineup was comprised of Edward Wagner (vocals & guitar), Michael Lampe (bass), Ruben Verdin (drums), Roberto Medina (guitar) and Clint Kingsbery (keyboards).  The band quickly developed a large regional following based on the strength of their live shows, and recorded their debut album, The Empty Promise, in 2004.  From this album, the song "Wishing Well" was selected for inclusion on Strobelight Records' "New Dark Age vol. 3" compilation, and the group was named "Best Unsigned Band, 2005," in Gothic Magazine number 49.  2005 also saw the band record its second album, Medallion.  This four song EP, produced by keyboardist Clint Kingsbery, saw the band sharpen its focus to create a far superior, interwoven sound.  

Hearts Fail began work on their next album, to be called The Dying Season, throughout 2006 and 2007, when problems with the recording process and interband tensions caused the band to part ways with keyboardist Kingsbery, who was also producing the album, and the recordings were indefinitely shelved, as the remaining members decided to begin again from scratch.  Several songs were cut from the original tracklisting, and replaced with newer songs, more indicative of where the band was headed, sonically.  

After several delays, The Dying Season was finally released in November of 2009, and was met with strong critical acclaim.  The album, from a purely artistic standpoint, was a tremendous success, weaving together the difficulty and sorrows of the time during which it was created, to create a concept album based on loss of love.  By 2010, however, the rifts that were created during the making of the album had proven to be too much for the band, and both guitarist Roberto Medina and drummer Ruben Verdin left Hearts Fail, turning the album into a self-fulfilling prophesy.  

With Edward Wagner at the helm, Hearts Fail begin a new era, utilizing a revolving stable of musicians to record a new single, "Promises (Unresolved)," in 2010, and a new EP, " . . . Other Blessings," in 2011.  The band continued playing regional gigs throughout 2010 to 2012, with bassists Michael Lampe, Joel Gonzalez, and Suessie Asmodeus, drummers Gabriel Tepes and Andrew Meadie, and keyboardist Jonathan Pfortmiller.  

The summer of 2013 saw Edward Wagner decide to write, perform, record, and mix an entire album on his own, resulting in "The Tower," which was released that October.  A new lineup was formed, with Phil Cox on bass, Vince Davila and guitars, Gabriel Wilcoxen on drums, and the return of founding member Clint Kingsbery on keyboards.  2014 saw further gigging, and Phil Cox being replaced by Kevin San Miguel on bass.  In 2015 Michael Lampe rejoined the band on bass, and Hearts Fail began working on a new EP in earnest, to be titled "You Are Never Alone," and so the fire shall spread . . .